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Professional Internship in New Zealand

Professional Internship in New ZealandStudents completing their university education take up internship programs to get a hands-on experience in various industrial projects. The interns not only learn but also enjoy adventure sports or outings during the tenure of their program.

New Zealand Internships in All Major Subjects allow Students to get a Head Start in their Career

To become an intern in New Zealand, a student must study at a university and have an excellent proficiency in English language. In fact, tertiary education at a university cannot be complete without successfully completing a New Zealand internship program.

There can be various programs of different durations that are organized in association with the concerned university. For instance, students at Auckland University often take up internship as their final curriculum which could be between 8 to 12 weeks. The programs are held during Fall Semester or Summer Semester. The students would be awarded 4 credits for the same.

Not all internships are paid. However, some are quite lucrative and paid ones as well, such as internships offered by Queenstown Research College. There are can be internships for various subjects. Let’s take a quick look at the following programs:

Arts – Internship at Wellington offers a workshop on museum studies and visual arts. Exposure to various communities, programs, public shows, and exhibitions would be part of the learning.

Architecture – At Auckland, Wellington, and other cities of New Zealand, architecture interns would be taught about various architectural landmarks of the country. Sightseeing is part of the program.

Agricultural Science – Sustainable projects dealing with ecology and human consumption would be attended by interns in this program. Dairy farming, cattle-shearing, landscaping, and tree-nursery programs are part of this internship program.

Business & Commerce – Interns would be allowed to learn-on-the-job at various start-up companies to know the business skills and principles. Big corporate would allow them to join in their core budding projects.

Forestry – At a wildlife sanctuary, interns would be given jobs to monitor forestation projects, provide animal care to species living in their habitat, and take part in plantation projects at convenient places.

Human Resources Management
– A 12-week internship at Queenstown by Queenstown Research College would allow interns to learn about HR ethics and principles.

Hospitality & Tourism – Internship programs are again sub-divided into food-n-beverages internship, front-desk programs, and housekeeping tasks. During holidays, interns could work at various resorts to learn the art of working in the hospitality sector.

Journalism – Budding journo would be given a chance to take interviews, cover live news program, work on a photo-shoot, or write a feature article in various newspapers and magazines.

Legal Studies – Law graduates would be allowed to work at Community Law offices to help those who cannot afford to pay for their legal expenses. Documentation would be complied that includes Criminal Justice, Law, and Public Administration.

Education and Linguistics – Students need to attend the TEFL or TESOL internship programs where you could teach English to non-English speaking students. Overseas internship programs also include teaching in non-English speaking countries.

There are others in the list, such as engineering, health, marketing and Promotions, media studies, politics, and marine works.

Internship New Zealand Program

Internship New Zealand ProgramVocational training cannot be complete without taking up an internship program where students learn the practical application of various technologies. International students get exposure to the industry norms and gather work experience too.

There are numerous New Zealand internship programs which cater to international and domestic students, entry-level pupils, as well as meritorious students studying at various universities in the country. Depending on the type of internship program, the tenure of the traineeship can range from few weeks to one year.

Versatile education system has allowed students to study as well as take up a short-term job or internship. An international student without much knowledge in English language and culture of the Kiwis, can work part-time as an intern and also learn the college curriculum. Interesting internships can help students to learn more, enjoy the workmanship, and entertain themselves too.

Paid Internships in New Zealand
Internships are generally not paid in New Zealand. There are however, Industrial Training Organizations (ITOs) which offer hands-on experience to the students and pay them as well. In the tourism sector, housekeeping, culinary, and front desk interns are paid during their training period. Some travel magazines seek energetic and adventurous travelers with a penchant for writing. They travel, write, and also earn during their internship.

Unpaid Internships in New Zealand
Editorial jobs, journalism projects, photo-journalism internship programs, and academic credit internship programs are not paid generally. However, there are enough scope to pursue these internship hands-on training and take up a similar plum job. Often, the writing hub absorbs the interns into their payroll structure.

Popular Internship Programs in New Zealand
There are hundreds of internships available in New Zealand. During harvesting season, student trainees from agriculture sector are sometimes given a chance to stay at a bucolic vineyard, collect, sort, and process wines. Some interns stay at the farmhouses while few others take up hospitality internships in a plush resort. If you are dynamic and enterprising, you can take up broadcast internship, photo-journalism training to shoot undersea coral, animal care activist in a cattle ranch.

Internships in New Zealand – a Boost in One’s Career
Even though some internship programs are not paid, they do indeed give you an opportunity to get a commanding job even at an entry level. Interns have work experience which is often an essential factor to get a plum job even during your young days. Those working as an environmentalist can start off with their career as an undersea researcher. Apart from gaining a hands-on experience, the naturalist would learn additional skills, such as undersea photography, scuba diving, and lot more.

International students especially, get an exposure to Kiwi lifestyle and Maori culture. They hone their interpersonal skills that are essential to their development and ultimately immigration the country. English language schools for instance, choose an outdoor session as a part of their education policy to teach the language to the students.

In a nutshell, New Zealand internship open a vista of opportunities into the job market.

Internship New Zealand


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New Zealand Internship

Industrial Training, Social Media Interactions, and Linguistic Programs are Top Internships

Our New Zealand internship programs in colleges are quite common as students graduating in various institutes look forward to hands-on experience to get a suitable opening as a full-time worker in companies and industries. The hands-on training allows students studying tertiary education to get a stepping stone for their future career prospects. The internships can be international ones where students from various colleges in New Zealand visit the foreign institute.

It can also be the other way round where international students are invited to take part in internship programs organized by various corporate in association with the colleges. Top internships include work in journalism, ecology, industries, social media, management, research work, and linguistic proficiency.

Internships on Research Projects
There are popular internships for research students. Some important internship programs making the mark in recent times include:

A research internship where Maori students are invited to take part in a research internship program by Unitec Institute of Technology. The 10-week program would provide stipend to the 10 Maori students who would take part in the internship.
A paid summer internship program funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a lucrative training meant for those studying international development. The candidates must have an eye for analytical problem solving technique and par excellent academic career. Known as New Zealand Aid Program, this internship invites students studying tertiary education in various colleges of New Zealand. The students would be based in Wellington.
Intern with tertiary qualification has been invited for completing a project on governance in a non-profit organization. Conducted by YWCA Auckland community, this internship work would be based in Auckland.

Internship on Industrial Projects
Industrial internship programs have been coined by many colleges where big and small companies are invited to enroll senior students in their fold for an internship program. Students studying media and communications degree often become interns under this scheme for various tasks related to event management, public relations, international communication, and media & design works.

International Internships
Top colleges allow students studying tertiary education to pursue international internship programs where the students visit the foreign country as an intern. The Berkeley Global Internship for instance allows interns to travel globally and research data. The Paris Internship allows interns to experience and study European business and culture. The CAPA Beijing internship allows interns to interact with different groups of students and learn their ethnicity and language.

Internship with Entertainment
Fun can be a part of the curriculum for an intern – especially if the program involves learning of the English language. The Southern Lakes English College allows an internship program where the interns would have to learn flying, biking, and kayaking as well as hone their English speaking skills. Some interns may also work at farmstays or learn fruit picking in wineries.

Apart from the aforesaid internships, there are many more on content development, such as a travelogue, sustainable eco-friendly growth and development, business, and international studies.

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